Our Expertise

We provide thoughtful recommendations that consider all aspects of your business, culture, and people.


Strategy Consulting

Identify the business outcome you want to achieve.



 Talent Development

Understand the shifts your people need to make.


Make decisions based on real-time data.

Who We Support

We partner with HR, sales enablement, and business innovators to positively impact organizational engagement, productivity, and performance.

  • Manager development 
  • High-potential programs
  • Sales and field enablement
  • Onboarding
  • Team initiatives
  • Diversity and inclusion efforts Engagement initiatives Strategic imperatives

Ask New Questions

Understand how your people spend time—and how you can accelerate business performance—with insightful analysis that highlights what's working and what's not across your organization.


Time Allocation

Communication Patterns

Collaboration Patterns


Analyze Smart Metrics

Utilize email and calendar metadata to identify the smart practices of high-performers, inform the design of your learning experiences, and measure your initiative's impact.

  • Time fragmentation
  • Redundant meeting hours
  • Internal network size
  • External network size
  • Time with customer
  • Time in email
  • Meetings attended
  • Team collaboration hours
  • One-on-one manager interactions
  • Leadership exposure

Gain Visibility Into Organizational Health

Generate the insights necessary to deliver the right experience at the right time in the right way for your people.


Technology, Media, and Communications

Professional services


Consumer Goods


Heavy manufacturing

Financial services

Healthcare and Life Sciences