It's 10am. Do you know what your sales reps are doing?

Target audience

Sales executives in business-to-business organizations

What’s the business problem?

Design a sales coverage model, align reps to the model, and identify behaviors to influence sales performance.

What was the solution?

Analyze digital exhaust of calendar and email metadata to build an accurate profile of how frontline sales representatives and managers spend their time, who they interact with internally and externally, and what effect this has on sales performance.

What action resulted from the data analysis?

The sales leaders were able to:

  • redefine sales team structure and roles
  • align sales priorities and incentives
  • identify what top performers do differently

What were some key findings?

  • The most successful reps can better prepared to customer meetings.
  • Top sellers sought opportunities for coaching and mentorship.
  • Best sellers often worked on teams where frontline managers provided regular coaching.

What’s important to remember about this project?

Insights derived from workplace analytics will sit on the shelf if they aren't used to reinforce the habits and practices of sales representatives. 

Note: you'll be able to download the resources summary soon.