Are your managers giving their people what they really want?

Employees are hungry for frequent, effective feedback

According to recent research conducted by LinkedIN, employees say receiving feedback matters. 75% of employees believe feedback from their manager is valuable and 45% value feedback from their peers.  But despite wanting regular feedback, less than 30% of employees say they receive it regularly.

If you believe regular feedback between managers and employees is critical to achieving your most important business goals, ask yourself these questions:

  • How frequently are your managers meeting 1-1 with their people?
  • How are you objectively measuring the frequency of these 1-1 interactions?
  • How skillful are your managers in delivering concise feedback that creates possibilities?

You have an opportunity to dramatically improve the way people experience your organization.  Facilitating regular 1-1 conversations between managers and employees moves your organization in the right direction, but teaching managers to deliver feedback isn't the best first step. Instead, start by objectively quantifying the frequency of your manager and employee interactions. This will provide an accurate snapshot of their current management practices and then you'll be able to measure their progress over time.

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