Mike Saporito
Coach and Team Lead

Mike is the Founder and CEO of Smart Habit, a well-being and productivity platform helping people transform stress and overwhelm into clarity, focus, and positive impact. He’s an executive coach enabling high-achievers to thrive in the modern workplace, a former management consultant to the largest technology, consumer, and consulting companies in the world, and adjunct faculty for a decade at a leading university in Chicago.   

Mike is author of the forthcoming book, Reimagine Your Day, where he equips people with the mindset, practices, and skills to work smarter in today’s complex world. He’s delivered workshops in 13 countries and speaks on topics including well-being, productivity, and leadership.  Mike discovered mindfulness as a stressed senior director navigating a heavy travel schedule for clients while having a young family at home.  He initially thought mindfulness was “weird” and now readily admits it’s "changed my life for the better in a big way."

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Frederic Luskin
Science and Team Adviser

Dr.Luskin is a Senior Consultant in Health Promotion and the Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects. He speaks nationally on the importance of emotional intelligence and the need to manage stress. His research centers on the intersection of spiritual values and physical and emotional well being. 

Dr. Luskin is the author of the best seller Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness and Stress Free for Good.  He has worked with many organizations and has trained lawyers, doctors, church leaders and congregations, hospital staffs, teachers and other professionals to manage stress and enhance forgiveness all over the United States. 

Dr. Luskin’s work has been featured in Time magazineO magazine, Ladies Home JournalU.S. News and World ReportsParadePrevention as well as the New York TimesLos Angeles TimesChicago TribuneU.S.A. Today and the Wall Street Journal

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