Our Approach

Tap into our proprietary methodologies to deploy relevant, personal experiences

  • Incorporates user-first design thinking
  • Integrates technology to amplify impact
  • Ensures business and cultural relevance

Make Design Decisions Based on Data

Envision the ideal experience for your people

Work with us to answer questions with significant consequences:

  • What are the target outcomes?
  • What must be true for cultural relevance?
  • What's the ideal venue and delivery vehicle? 
  • How do you scale the experience to different audiences?
  • How do you quantify impact on productivity, performance, and engagement?

Simplify the Complex

Focus on what matters most to ensure quick, easy design and deployment

  1. Deconstruct the shifts you want your people to make into their smallest learnable unit.
  2. Select the learnable units that will provide the most lift for your people.
  3. Cluster and sequence the learnable units to encourage quick, meaningful wins to build momentum.
  4. Incentivize people to participate early, often, and consistently over time.

Deploy Anytime. Anyplace.

Scale experiences across venues and timezones with ease

Work with us to answer questions with significant consequences:

  • Facilitator led classroom experiences
  • Virtual experiences with and without facilitator
  • Independent and collaborative digital experiences
  • Immersive offsites in and out of traditional settings