Hey -  I'm Mike.

The Smart Habit Guy. 

Listen, I get it. I can help. 

Business and life is complex. 

Your people are working hard and you need them to show up and be their best. Every day. But being your best every day isn’t easy.  And it doesn’t happen just because we want it to.

We all have big dreams, do a lot of things right, and create opportunities for ourselves. Then we hustle and grind.  And then we hustle and grind some more.


Because we are doing great work and everything is perfect.  Except it’s not.  We quickly find ourselves stressed, stretched, overwhelmed, and uninspired.

Nobody taught us how to be our best everyday without the unnecessary stress and effort. We’ve been taught to sprint, to work harder, one project at a time, one quarter at a time.  Sure this got us to here, but it won’t get us there. Regardless of what you want to achieve. At work. At home. And everywhere in between.

This is where the Smart Habit system and I can help you and your people. 

I take your leaders from stressed, stretched, and stuck to clear, confident and committed to being their best every day. 


I teach your people the mindset, skills, and tools to be sustainable high-performing leaders. I show people that life doesn’t have to feel so hard and work doesn’t need to be such a grind.