Hey, I'm Mike.

I coach successful achievers like you to craft a new experience of life.  I don’t use the word “craft” lightly. 

In other words, I will help you become skilled at creating a life you love.

This means I will help you

  • See things as they are (but not worse than they are)
  • Picture things as you want them to be (big, bold, and….)
  • Become the person that gets what they really want

Here’s the cool thing: you get to decide what you really want to craft.  

Everybody can have an opinion, but you get to choose.


What My Clients Want

  • Get a promotion at their current firm
  • Leave their job for a new role or start their own business 
  • Take their current business or coaching practice to the next level

Why Work With Me



I understand your world.



I've walked in your shoes.



I will save you time, effort, and money.

I Understand Your World

Reason #1

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners - If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, we can talk about the joys and frustrations of creating a business from scratch. Building a business of your own isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s difficult and you’ll get lessons that you won’t necessarily want. But it can be deeply rewarding.
  • Consultants and technologists - If you work for a consulting or technology firm, we can talk about realities like demanding clients, unreasonable timelines, and office politics. Oh, and don’t forget about being on the road away from family and friends. The airline miles and status is worth it until it isn’t. But don’t be mistaken - as a consultant or engineer you’ve got the world at your fingertips.
  • Coaches - If you’re a coach, we can talk about doing work you love. We can also talk about the challenges of landing new clients, your occasional struggle with self-worth, and how to stay focussed on your most important priorities while being open to new opportunities.  Being a coach probably tests you more than you expected, but nobody said doing your life’s work would ever be easy.

I've Walked The Path You're On

Reason #2

I built a successful career.  I did the homework, got multiple degrees, and played by the “rules".

I was a senior director for a strategy consulting firm working with global companies you know and love. I taught at a major university in Chicago for a decade.  I married the woman of my dreams, was blessed with two amazing children, and built a gorgeous custom home with a beautiful brick exterior and vaulted ceilings with rustic beams.

Then I made a major shift.

I left the security of my high-paying job. 

My wife and I sold our family home.  

We moved across the country.   

And we did all of this while learning the good, bad, and ugly aspects of building a new business.  

I have had clients cancel for no apparent reason, partnerships go sideways, and the best of intentions be misinterpreted. Ugh.

But I have also had the deeply satisfying experience of becoming the man I was meant to be.  I understand what it means to create real value from nothing, to craft your world from the ground up, and to succeed against the odds. Most importantly, I’ve learned to do this in a way that allows me to do valuable and meaningful work with bright, big-hearted people while providing for my family.

This is all to say I’ve been on the path you’re on. I get the deep hunger you have within. I know what it’s like to be pulled towards becoming a bigger, bolder version of yourself.  I get it.


I've Will Save You Time, Money, and Effort

Reason #3

Remember these three things:

  • Simple doesn’t mean easy.
  • Busy doesn’t mean productive.
  • Effort doesn’t equal impact.

I don’t waste time.

I don’t waste money.

I don’t work harder than necessary.

You shouldn’t either, and I won't let you.

I will share the Smart Habit system with you. Think of this as an operating system for life.  If you're skeptical by nature…good. Bring it.  

You’ll learn how to boost energy, increase focus, and punch fear in the face.  The Smart Habit approach helps you reimagine your day. Literally. 

I will show you how to design rituals throughout the day.

I will teach you practices that allow you to breath, move, hydrate, prioritize, plan, reflect, recharge and play more.

This means you can stop learning the hard way. I know you do a lot of these things already, and I will show you things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

My Clients

My clients come from all walks of life.  But I get that you want to be sure that I’ve got credibility and experience with hard-charging people like you.  This isn’t me name dropping — I’m simply giving you examples of where some of my clients work and where they went to school:

Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Whole Foods, Jones Lang LaSalle, Coty….yada, yada, yada...Harvard, UC Berkley, and Stanford.

I also do a bunch of pro-bono work. I support non-profits with my time and money too.

Great - now that we’ve got that out of the way….let’s talk.